Neptune Symphony – Planetary Tones Vol.1 [MP3]

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NEW ! DIGITAL DOANLOAD ! With the help of Neptune’s Power you can get rid of addiction, open your third eye, be more creative, enhance your psychic abilities and find real healing within yourself ! “Neptune Symphony” is relaxing music to nourish your body, mind and soul. Perfect for deep relaxation, meditaion, day spa, your healing sessions or your yoga workout!


 Track: Neptune Symphony – Planetary Tones Volume 1 – Enrico Galvini

TOTAL PLAYTIME: 62:00 min ( +1 hour )

Imagine the sounds of tropical birdsongs in the lush rainforest, gentle flowing water, combined with an ancient balinese gamelan gong and symphonic orchestra. Neptune Symphony is music especially designed for your relaxation, healing and meditation. You can play it as background music for yoga, qigong or taichi or play it to clear the energy of your home, your office or your entrance hall and lobby.

Music that is tuned to Planet Neptune in tone, speed, rhythm and atmosphere. Music to nourish your body, mind and soul.

Neptune is the ruler of meditation and medicine, dreams and drugs, dance, music, true love and enlightenment. With this music you can benefit from the positive powers that come along with Neptune’s energy and get rid of the negative aspects that would arise if you do not pay attention to the important role the energy of Planet Neptune has for your life.

Planet Neptune is seen as the SPIRITUAL PLANET in Astrology – sometimes it´s called the JESUS Planet or the BUDDHA Planet. It will enhace creativity and psychic receptivity. Get rid of addiction ! Open your thrid eye ! Be more creative ! Enhance your psychic abilities and find real healing within yourself !


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