About Me

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Hello Everybody. I am Enrico Galvini. I am the founder and owner of the Record Company and Publishing House  BodhiSattva Music.


The aim of my company is to make music which is able to help people to get healthy again, to get in shape again and to get in tune with mother earth and the universe, to feel good, or just to relax and enjoy the best art of healing music.


The core of every single record I have made and I will make for BodhiSattva Music is and will always be LOVE. Love is the essence of the universe. Love is The Key to our hidden knowlege about ourself and life itself.
The music of BodhiSattva Music is healing and relaxing. Messages from the heart – put into sound.


BodhiSattva Music is a company which was founded to help mankind and every single being on this planet to live a life in freedom and love – to get reconnected to the one and only source and to stay healthy – to spread joy and happiness – to remember us to live our true potential – May God bless us all. Service is our aim. Namaste.



Your Enrico Galvini